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What’s Up With The Surprise Album Drop Trend?


Beyonce and Jay Z just dropped the Everything is Love Album on us and again, it has come as an absolute surprise save for a few pictures that dropped in the last few weeks that for some, served as hints.

The couple sent out a few artsy shots, Beyoncé in the nude for most of it, and this was a teaser for the artsy album being prepared.

The Everything is Love album was shot with a lot art from and in the Louvre, which is not an easy feat. There are rumors that this piece of work has been up to three years in the works as a tourist has come out to say that there was a rumor of the couple renting out the Louvre while he was there three years ago.

That’s a lot of planning, strategy and calculation from our favorite power couple although this is classic Bey and Jay.

Surprise albums are nothing new to the Carters and to be honest, the success of their other surprise albums must be giving them the confidence to keep doing it. It has become a tradition for the Carters to drop albums without any publicity or hype before the main thing which is something everyone else has to do.

Imagine selling out albums within hours every single time? Must be intoxicating.

Of course, there’s the possibility that this album could be fueled by the beef between the Carters and a certain other somebody who dropped his first album in years today. So, we all know that Nas’ album – Nasir – which was scheduled to drop on the 15th but was delayed till today was produced by Kanye. These are two people who the Carters, or at least one of them, have had beef with. It is definitely questionable that moments after the Nas album dropped, the Carters dropped the Everything is Love album. The competition of having a Jay Z and Beyoncé album drop on the same day as yours is something no one right now is able to handle.

Is there an artist right now who has enough clout to battle against these two legends combined?

One last thing, there’s also the rumors about Tidal numbers being cooked while Kanye has been doing well on streaming services. So, what if, this was a huge ploy to shake that up? Yes, that would be totally petty and underhanded stuff but is that beyond Jay and Bey? Would they give up the opportunity to prove the crowd wrong, make up their numbers while sending a huge diss to their competitors and naysayers.

The only way this helps the others and not the Carters is that the Everything is Love album is exclusive to Tidal and those who don’t have access or are unable to get on will have no choice but to go to check out the Nas and Kanye album so maybe they will get some traffic.

Or maybe not because after all, we’re talking about the Carters here.

Who beats the Carters’ surprise album drop?

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