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What We Expect From Nasir

It’s been years since Nas released his last album “Life Is Good” and the music world has waited six years for another album from the veteran who is unarguably one of the GOATS. Finally, the 44 years old rapper is heading fully geared into his 11th studio album.

While it seems like we’ve stayed in anticipation for this track a little longer than we expected, it certainly does not take away the fact that we still expect a hit from him. Here, we’ve reviewed some of what we expect to see from this album largely produced by Kanye West.

Top Class Production

Kayne West didn’t just start collaborating with Nas today, and to be sincere, all the works they’ve been doing together have always come out really great. This one is not expected to fall any short, especially with Kanye already built up hypes about unique concepts and top class production in recent tweets. Kanye is certainly one of the industry’s greats and when it’s about production, he still works his guts out to deliver amazing contents.

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Divorce, Custody Tussle
There’s been a lot of arguments and counter-arguments on the true state of Nas’s relationship and custody battle against his former wife Kelis Rogers. The music star may be a little reserved about his personal life, but there’s no way he can hide this one anymore. Track 4 on the album has been titled “Adam and Eve” and it is almost very likely that he’ll be saying a lot about the situation on the track.


It’s already been a massive 24 years since the much talked about magnum opus, Illmatic by Nas, and to be fair, that album is still one of the best we’ve been served from the industry. The veteran musician has managed to evolve over time and at 44, he’s bound to show us how much he has grown. We expect greatness packaged in one album, as the rapper takes on the studio this one more time.

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You can’t say no to the fact that Nas has maintained what can best be described as excellence since making his debut in the rap industry. He’s been churning out a number of amazing albums back to back, but in this one, we expect something above the ordinary. We are expecting this majorly because he’s lining up with another music’s great who has been exceptional in his collaborations even though he is controversial by every sense of the word. Kanye West will undoubtedly add some flavor to make this one an album for a lifetime.

There’s no stopping the fact that this album will take us by storm. It’s probably going to be Nas’s last studio album, but even if it’s not, the rapper will not want one of his career’s last projects marked as a total flop.

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