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Top hip hop classics that we just can’t get enough of

Over the course of time, and in the history of classic Hip Hop music- which is really not so long and old, there have been a number of good rap release that has become dear to the hearts of listeners, and which has made such records stand the test of time. These are the songs you continually hear people play in their cars, homes, and on the streets; and even though they have been around for a pretty long time, their relevance doesn’t seem to be fading by even a bit.

There are valid examples, and if you’re a hip-hop fan who have followed the trends right from the 70’s up to contemporary times, you’ll be able to figure out the hip-hop classics that people have loved so much, and which they cannot seem to get enough of.

Here are some three examples, to include their success rates over the years.

• Beastie Boys’ “License to ill.”

This rap music released in 1986, has continued to rate among the most appreciated hip hop songs ever produced. The song is acclaimed to have brought about the widespread popularity and success of the Def Jam recording label, as well as making headlines as a possible reason why the album was able to hit the number one spot on the Billboard chart. Licensed to ill is the debut album of the Bestie boys, and also the first hip-hop song ever to top the countdown. Over 30years after, rap lovers still consider it one original piece of music with enticing lyrics.

2 life crew’s “As nasty as they wanna be”

Although this song seems to have generated some little controversy from certain quarters, especially because of it’s strong sexually inclined lyrics and adult content, it stills continues to enjoy the support of too many rap lovers, and you’ll still hear people recite the lyrics with some gusto that feels like the release was just recent. The rap went on to get a platinum certification by the recording industry association of America RIAA.

• Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic”

When we mention the events that have unfolded in the hip-hop industry and the top release that has contributed to the overall success of this part of the music, it won’t look quite complete if Dr. Dre and his musical efforts were not mentioned. The chronic was his solo debut album, but whose success is rated unprecedented, and has continued to get the accolades. The song has triple platinum and has had a fair share of successes on both the billboard 200, as well as the billboard 100. The effect on listeners is still ‘chronic.’

Now, there are a whole lot of other hip-hop acts that have made the good news from time immemorial till now. Some of the big names whose release are a force to reckon with include the likes of 2Pac, Eminem, Diddy, and others.

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