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The Impact Of Irv Gotti On Hip Hip

Irv Gotti is American born record executive, television, music, and film producer. Originally named Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr., Irv Gotti is the founder of Murder Inc. Records and he is also the proud creator of one of America’s most classical series – The BET Series Tales. Asides being a music producer and film director, Irv Gotti is also skilled at playing a few instruments which includes keyboards, turntables, mixer, and drums. Irv Gotti has also been able to be a part of some labels earlier on like Def Jam recordings and Ruff Ryders Entertainment, and he is presently a part of Murder Inc. Records which he founded, and 300 entertainment.
Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc TV Series
Irving Domingo has had such a successful career working with prominent American Hip Hop artists like Jay Z, Ja Rule, Ashanti, DMX, Lloyd among others. Working with these acts, Irv Gotti has been able to produce world-class Hip Hop songs. Some of the songs produced are ‘Holla Holla’ by Ja Rule, and ‘What’s My Name?’ – one of DMX’s best songs. Asides these musical productions, Irv Gotti in 2007 co-produced ‘Heroes and Thieves.’

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Also, Irv Gotti’s BET series Tales has for a long while now served as an interactive, entertaining and informative program that takes the audience on a journey into the lives and experiences of America’s leading Hip Hop artists. On a timely basis, top artists are being featured to come and thrill its audience through freestyles, combos, witty remarks and intellectual conversations.

Irv Gotti has been very instrumental in unifying top musical Hip Hop artists. Early this year on Instagram, Irv Gotti announced the launch of a new television venture – Murder Inc TV Series, which he said would launch fully this year. According to Irv Gotti, this new television venture will be unifying top Hip Hop artists as he looks to working with them to see to the success of this TV venture. Among these artists include Lyor Cohen, Ashanti, DMX, Ja Rule, Paul Seckstein and numerous others.

Irv Gotti, no doubt has contributed largely to Hip Hop as a whole. He not only gives upcoming Hip Hop artists a platform to share their experiences through his BET series Tales, he also ensures he keeps growing with those he started out life with. Continually producing relevant Hip Hop hits for top artists, Irv Gotti remains a force to reckon with in the genre of Hip Hop. The re-launch of Irv Gotti’s Murder Inc, is also just another huge impact on the way for Hip-Hop.

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