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Is There Still Bad Blood Between Jay-Z and Kanye West? What Recent Album Suggests


Jay-Z and Kanye are already music icons, each of them already making news headlines at different times and for different reasons. For a while now, it has been about a bad blood between the two. While there has been series of claims and counter claims about the true state of things, a lot of fans are still eager to understand what’s really happening. While some may enjoy seeing a feud between the two, other fans really want to see them back working on some really good music together.

We don’t exactly want to call them colleagues, because in the real sense, they are not, Jay was a mentor to Kanye, and even while they worked together for many years, he played the big brother role in many occasions. Apparently, the whole process of making songs and going on tours together soon got back on their bad sides, and they’ve developed some bad blood. Many entertainment news sources have reported over the years that they’ve gone from been friends to a period of not talking.  Jay obviously didn’t like the fact that West was dumping huge amount of money into hosting flashy shows and expensive tours. Things further escalated in 2016, when Kanye got aggravated about the way Jay Z reacted to the robbery attack on Kim Kardashian in Paris.

With so many months gone now, it is obvious that Jay is still so hot steamed over the whole issue, especially with the surprise release of his recent studio collaborative album with Beyonce. Is this a move to cover West’s Shine? Was it a subtle beef? Ok, let’s look at the situation more critically, you just may decipher what I’m talking about after reading, but if you don’t, please read again.

The new joint album by the first hip hop couple “Everything is Love” is certainly a combination of many things – Love, fame, and hard work. The tracks were nothing short of what music fans will expect from the duo.

As expected, fans have already been trying to dissect the lyrics, with so many questions centered on whether jay would spit some bars for Kanye.

On the sixth track “Friends”, it is almost very obvious that Jay was addressing what is a relationship gone sour with Kanye, responding to all the comments making the rounds of Kanye’s hurt.

His response was directed to West’s complain about been disappointed about the hip-hop first couple not attending his wedding with Kim. In his interview with Charlamagne, he said: ” Respectively, I have to tell how I got hurt that they were not at the wedding. I understand that they are going through a number of issues, but if it’s family, you’re not gonna miss a wedding.”

Jay Z’s lines in “Friends” seem to address this when he rapped the he’s not going to anybody for anything, when he has some beef to settle with his wife. He said he didn’t care if the house was going to get burnt, or he’s even dying, that he’s not leaving his kids to anybody’s care. He ended with the line “If ya’ll don’t understand that, we ain’t meant to be friends.”


On whether the two will ever come together again, we don’t know, but one thing is for sure – Fans from all over the world want to hear good music from the two again.

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